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Intermarketpro’s Paid Ads service has one objective: To generate sales of services and/or products, while producing brand buzz and awareness. In other words, we get the job done! 

Construct, Optimize, Convert

How do we achieve this? It’s simple; We follow our victorious process:

1.- Construct smart campaigns
using current services and/or product data.

2.- Conversion tracking analytics to ensure optimal results.

3.- Lead to conversion survey, for high turnover rates.

Increase Sales

Give your business a head start. Our clients report an increase in product and service sales within a short amount of time. Our proven methods bring you results. Trust The Best Digital Marketing Agency.

The ROI Experts

We understand your time and money are important. This is why our main objective is to increase your ROI.

By strictly adhering to our research methods and data analytical protocols, we can assure the growth of your business and your monthly ROI.

Already Running Ads?

We Offer Free Ads Audit with Complementary Recommendations to ensure you are geting the most out of your investment.

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Put Your Money To Work

In addition to our technical process, there are other factors that require monitoring on a daily basis. These factors include: Negative Keywords, Ad Relevance, Landing Page Relevance, Data Analysis, Data Optimization, Demographics, and many more.

Negative Keywords

These are keywords that negatively impact your business. Your Paid Ads Project Manager will collect daily data and block any unwanted terms and phrases to a Negative Keyword list, saving you time and money.

Ads Relevance

To ensure top placement at the best rate, it is important to match the ad copy relevantly with the key-terms and landing page content.

Landing Page Content

Having a landing page is one of the requirements to run a successful paid ads campaign. Your Paid Ads Project Manager will ensure the content on the landing page is up to date and congruent with the ad copy. This provides you with maximum results.

Negative Keywords
Ad Copy Relevance
Landing Page Relevance
Data Analysis
Data Optimization

Dedicated Project Managers

Project Managers will construct, operate and optimize your direct advertising campaign to deliver the best results

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Paid Ads Plans


Promotional Offer
$ 399
99 Setup Fee
  • Ads Spend - $500
  • + 50% Management Fee
  • Monthly Basis Plan


Promotional Offer
$ 499
99 Setup Fee
  • Ads Spend - $1000
  • + 50% Management Fee
  • Monthly Basis Plan


Promotional Offer
$ 599
99 Setup Fee
  • Ads Spend - $1500 +
  • + 50% Management Fee
  • Monthly Basis Plan

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